Together we have proven durable, high performance furniture panels can be made without toxic ingredients and all materials can be recovered and 100% reused.

As Dutch Design Week 2019 is in full swing (October 19-27, 2019), DSM-Niaga is pleased to announce several exciting new partnerships. DSM-Niaga scientists and engineers redesign everyday products from scratch, making them healthier and fully recyclable without compromising on performance. ECOR® offers healthy materials for interior, furniture, and exhibition solutions. TRIBOO fuses all together in circular furniture solutions with #GREENGRIDZ and the Niaga Ecor Panels. Kitchens, desktops, acoustic panels, wall systes and so on are now ready for market. Together we have proven durable, high performance furniture panels can be made without toxic ingredients and all materials can be recovered and reused, again and again.

Radical transparency and disruptive change require courage.

Radical transparency and disruptive change require courage. It’s a collective effort bonding all players in a value chain to the same cause. Our partners are paramount in taking responsibility for a growing societal waste problem by promoting our vision for circularity and using our shared experience, science, talent and creativity to deliver solutions. We owe gratitude to our allies who are willing to challenge the status quo, boldly and courageously. That’s why we’re excited to announce collaboration with new partners teaming up to use Niaga®ECOR® panels in beautiful home, office and school furniture products.

Made of cellulose materials without any toxins.

Niaga®ECOR® panels are made of cellulose materials, heat, pressure and water to create a range of fully recyclable, healthy alternatives to MDF particleboard, fiberboard, and foam board. They are a sustainable alternative to traditional furniture panels that cannot be reused, have no circular value, and end up as waste after use. Our panels enable furniture production with a business case for recycling.  

All brands that matter engage

We’re looking forward to collaborating with our new and innovative partners Royal Auping, Canary Company, TRIBOO, Cartoni Design, Concourse, Intos, König+Neurath, Occony and Zwartwoud. “We are simply better together,” says Kelly Hall, Managing Director at DSM-Niaga. Eric Logtens, CEO Europe at ECOR®, adds, “Being part of this community is uplifting, both in practice and in spirit.”

We will be formalizing our shared ambition and commitment to a circular economy by signing Memoranda of Understanding at the Niaga® Business Meeting on Friday October 25th at Dutch Design Week 2019 in Eindhoven. We are eager to keep moving forward and inspire others to follow suit to mainstream products and business models that are good for people and great for the planet.


DSM-Niaga is a DSM venture established in 2014. Niaga® has the mission to redesign everyday products from the ground up. The aim is to make products fully recyclable in an easy and affordable way without compromising on quality or price. Carpet was the first product Niaga® redesigned, together with Royal Auping a circular mattress was developed, and with ECOR® an alternative to traditional furniture panels – the Niaga®ECOR® panel – was designed. More products will follow.


ECOR® is a lightweight, high performance, clean, VOC-free, green panel that is 100% recycled and recyclable, with a lower total cost of ownership. Noble Environmental Technologies aspires for ECOR® to provide both the waste-to-resource conversion solution for cellulose fiber waste (agricultural, industrial & urban) and the advanced green material or products its partners’ operations require.


TRIBOO transforms "worthless" waste streams from plastic and natural fibers into "valuable" circular office furniture with upcyling techniques. As a circular supply chain, we design, produce and deliver circular products. Organize healthy and responsible projects. Develop innovative products or high-profile concepts with their own identity and sustainable story.

DSM-Niaga, ECOR®, TRIBOO and partners announce collaboration to scale up and introduce circular panels to the market.

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